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Learn Shaolin Kung fu in China

China shaolin kung fu

Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy is a traditional Shaolin kung fu training academy in China that welcomes foreign students to learn all levels of traditional shaolin martial arts, one of China's greatest patrimonies.Shaolin kung fu is offered as well as other ancient arts of combat such as Tai chi
, Chi kung ,Wing Chun,Wu dang,Xingyi,Bagua, Baji, Mantis Boxing,many Animals Styles and Sanda (Chinese kick boxing).Our Students are trained and taught by authentic Shaolin monks from the Shaolin temples in both northern and southern China, or by other highly qualified shaolin masters with many years kung fu teaching experiences. The academy is situated next to the tranquil sacred mountains of eastern China, the birthplace of Taoism(Quan Zhen Religion), which gives the students a picturesque and peaceful landscape for training mind and body.

This establishment is authorized by the Sports Department of the Ministry of education of the People's Republic of China and is acknowledged by the local government.This gives our students the confidence that they are attending a legitimate Chinese kung fu training school.Additionally,optional free Chinese culture classes,Chinese mandarin, acupuncture and massage,Buddhism and Taoism theories,and calligraphy are offered.
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 Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school China

Kunyu Mountain Shaolin martial arts academy China is located at the foot of the sacred Kunyu Mountains,Natural Conservation District,a serene mountainous landscape, set in an environmentally protected area of natural beauty and cultural importance. It is one hour’s drive east of Yantai City in Shandong Province. There are many local scenic spots and historic places.
learn kung fu-China kunyu shaolin kung fu school
To the north of the academy there is the Bo Ocean. To the south there is the Yan Xia Cave. To the east, there is the Ma Gu Temple and Wu Ran Temple. And to the west, there is the Nine Dragon Pool. The Academy is ideally situated away from the distractions of the big city, and its beautiful surroundings support the martial arts training spirit. The air is clean and the environment is relaxed and tranquil. It is a perfect location for a serious study of Chinese kung fu.

This area is the birth place of Taoism. There is a mountain cave not far from school (called Yan Xia cave) where it is said the founder of Taoism meditated for many years. There are eight statues, "The Eight Immortals," of important Taoists inside this cave today as a mark of respect.

Yantai city we located is a modern coastal city with beautiful scenery,that is situated at the foot of the hill and beside the sea with three long sandy beaches,pleasant weather and clean air,and popular in the summer months for swimming and sunbathing. Yantai city are rich in many kinds of fruits,especially apple,pear,big cherry as well as sea food,that are most famous in China even in the world.Yantai city is a nice place to go to and relax,neighboring famous Tsing Dao city(Qing Dao city), and students are allowed to visit it on the weekends.
Yantai city was awarded one of the most charming ten cities in China. In 2005,Yantai city was named as one of the most suitable residence for human beings in Asia by the United Nations settlements Program(UN-habitat).

Kung Fu training in China

kung fu training in China kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school
Train traditional external & internal Shaolin kung fu(under Shaolin masters of authentic lineage ) , also includes various fist forms and weapons forms along with their applications, contact sparring and Chi kung. Along with traditional Shaolin Gongfu (kung fu) the academy offers to teach the internal styles, such as Taiji (Tai Chi),Wing chun,Wudang, Xingyi, Bagua,Baji and Mantis boxing,(all the kungfu styles mentioned above have their corresponding classes here, meanwhile,the students can choose more than one style of kung fu to train,two or three styles.) Both male and female students who are 16 or older are welcomed to study. Younger students may be accepted if they are accompanied by a parent or an older relative (brother/sister). No previous martial arts experience is required. Only dedication to learn and a positive attitude. However, students with experience in martial arts may be able to learn quicker. In order to ensure the teaching quality, generally, there are around 7 students per master in winter and there are no more than 15 students per master in summer. This ensures high quality kung fu teaching on a personal level, and a close family atmosphere inside the group.

Accommodation and food quality are very good. The nutrition of food is enough to satisfy with the requirement of students. For accommodation ,generally, one to two students share one room.

* Since we opend for 11 years and own a strong resources with educational governments to help students who want to find a job in China for long time once ending the training here.We cooperated with Chinese international job association.We'll recommend to them if studetns meet the qualifications :Comprehensive high-quality person with Bachelor and native Language is English.Once you reach the requirements ,you'll get a very good NORMAL job to teach in Normal Chinese Elementary and Junior high school in biggest modern city of Guangzhou with about 10000RMB per month salary with social insurances and one month holiday with salary.

Click the names below to read articles about these Chinese martial arts styles:

You will know about more traditional kung fu styles that are popular in China after clicking here,meanwhile,all the kungfu styles mentioned below have corresponding classes here.

                  shaolin kung fu-learn shaolin in China   Wu dang kung fu-learn wudang in China                  

Wing Chun kung fu-learn wing chun in China Tai Chi-Tai Chi training in China

 Chi kung-Chi kung training in ChinaXing yi-study Xing yi in China

Sanda-learn Chinese kickboxing in Chinaa Learn Bagua-Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school

learn Baji-Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school  Mantis-learn Mantis in China

All the kung fu listed above are offered as formal certificated courses in the academy.

Introduction of the kung fu Masters 

The following kung fu teachers are traditional masters who are skilled in the ancient styles of Chinese kung fu and historical theory.
shaolin kung fu master from shaolin temple

Master Shi Xing Qing is a 32nd generation Shaolin monk. He is a master of internal shaolin kung fu and Qi Gong(Chi kung). He went to the Shaolin Temple to learn kung fu when he was 8 years old and studied there until the age of 17. During this time he learned Shaolin traditional kung fu and combat techniques up to the age of 15 when he began to study the internal martial arts such as Xing Yi. He is now at Band 8.
In the 1st Shaolin Kung Fu competition,he came first in the Shaolin Da Dao and Shaolin sword forms. In 1995 during the Chinese national martial arts tournament he came first in the 70kg open combat categories where the competitors are allowed to fight with the style of their choice. In 1996 he also won the 75kg open fighting categories at the Liao Ning province national martial arts competition, as well as first prize for his leopard form. He also took part in many other competitions and got good achievement.

In 1997 the Chinese government rebuilt the Southern Shaolin Temple (Nan Shaolin Si) and Shi Xing Qing was appointed to help with its restoration. A few years later he traveled the world to share knowledge with different masters of different styles and also teach and spread the Chinese kung fu.He has spent 15 years teaching to students who wish to learn shaolin kung fu from both China and the rest of the world. He is skilled in Shaolin traditional fist and combat techniques, Chi Kung, Yi Jin Jing, leopard fist as well as the internal styles of Xing Yi, Ba Gua Palm and Tai Chi.He has been studying further Chen style Tai Chi in the last more than ten years.
In April 2012,headmaster Shi Xing Qing is awarded the 24th-generation descendant of Chinese most famous Bing Jia Secret Skills Senior Internal kung fu by Jin Gang Li Gong association.

Master Shi Xing Qing is currently the administrative vice president of kunyu mountain cultural research association and vice managing deputy president of Yantai city martial arts association,as well as,Master Shi Xing Qing is deputy of the National People’s congress of Yantai.

Master Shi xing xin-china kung fu masterMaster Shi Xing Xin,the 32nd generation monk of shaolin temple, he was born in a kungfu family and started to learn Hong fist kung fu from his grandfather since he was very young. He came into China shaolin temple to learn Shaolin Kungfu. He is highly skills in Shaolin fist form,Da Hong fist,Xiao Hong fist, well as various animal fist,such as,tiger fist,leopard fist,with the weapons like sourthern sword,double sword ,PU sword,single whip,double whip,etc.He has been teaching Chinese kung fu since 2000 with rich teaching experiences and he took part in international and national martial arts competition for many times and got first and second place in them. He has been to USA ,France ,England ,Singapore, etc countries for many times for kung fu performance and teaching, and got gracious reception and lots of positive comments from local embassy.In July and August of 2010 traditional martial arts competitions of Yantai,. he got first place respectively in shaolin Leopard fist and south sword. In August of International Traditional Martial Arts Competitions 2011 held in Yantai, he was awarded first place in Shaolin leopard Form.In 2012 July traditional shaolin kung fu competitions held by Yantai city, he was got first place at shaolin southern sword.


learn kung fu at kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu schoolMaster Shi Yan Kong is a 34th generation monk of Shaolin Temple. The master of traditional shaolin kung fu as well as modern martial arts. He joined the Shaolin Temple in 1996 to learn Shaolin Kung fu when he was 10 years old. He is currently ranked at level 6.In 2002 martial arts competition held in Singapore, he was awarded first place in shaoin staff form.In 2004,he had been invited by the China culture department to take part in the Africa cultural exchange and teaching kung fu.In 2005,he was sent to teach shaolin kung fu in Hongkong,during that time,he attended the shaolin kung fu competition and got first place in shaoin sword form. He acted as martial arts coach for < Story of a Journey to the West > in Guiyang city,China in 2006.He also directed the martial arts for < The Pilgrimage to the West >held in manmanchester England in July,2007 and held in CHATELET OPEAR HOUSE in October and in Charleston, USA on May of 2008 and royal opera house in September in the same year.Up to now,he makes a big contribution for developing of Chinese shaolin kung fu. In August of 2010 traditional martial arts competition held in Yantai, he got first place respectively in Shaolin staff.He is skilled in shaolin staff,shaolin sword,double sword,double whip,as well as many kinds traditional shaolin forms.In July and August of International Traditional Martial Arts Competitions 2011 held in Yantai, he was awarded first place in Shaolin Single Sword twice.In July and Aug of 2012 traditional shaolin Kung Fu competitions held by Yantai, he got a first respectively in nine section whip and plum-blossom Chuan in these two competitions.


 master-Kunyu mountain Shaolin Kung fu school China
Master Shi Yan Bo,34th generation monk of Song mountain Shaolin Temple. He went to Shaolin Temple to learn traditional Shaolin Gong Fu (Kung fu )at the age of 9 and stayed there till 20 years old. He is currently ranked at level 7.
He has many years of teaching Shaolin Kung fu experiences to foreigners and has also taken part in performances all over the world. In 1993 he took part in a Shaolin warrior monk demonstration group that performed in England, America and France,etc. During this time he also taught Chinese Shaolin kung fu to foreign students.In the 3rd national Shaolin kung fu competition he won first prize for Luo Han Quan (a type of famous Shaolin forms) and his staff routine, as well as second place for his sword routine. In the He Nan province teenagers martial arts championship he won first prize in Shaolin traditional fist , Shaolin spear and Da Mo sword forms. On July 24 and on August 8 of International Traditional Martial Arts Competitions 2011 held in Yantai,Master Yan Bo won the first place in Shaolin Spear Form twice.He is skilled in Shaolin Kung fu forms as well as Shaolin 18 weapons and many Shaolin animal styles,etc.


kung fu master Guo-learn wing chun in China
Master Guo, the Master of Chi Kung, Wing Chun, Baji and Chen Style Tai Chi, started to learn traditional Chinese kung fu from his grandfather at a young age. He has been doing Chinese martial arts for over 30 years. He is a traditional martial artist with high moralities and a friendly personality, who has been teaching internal kung fu for over 23 years. He also specializes in Shaolin internal strength finger, war sword, black dragon big pole, nunchakus, Chin’na unique skills, martial arts kick boxing, free kick boxing, and so on.Master Guo is ranked at level 8.He professionalizes at releasing the inner strength helping to create skillful defense and attacks. He is the first successor of this traditional internal subject of breaking a flagstone in half on a block of bean curd successfully and has been documented by lots of media. Due this vast understanding of the subject, he created his own unique Chi Kung styles, which have been listed by The National Martial Arts Committees in competitions.
Master Guo has participated in both domestic and international martial arts competitions many times and has gain reputations and won many big prizes.In 1993,he came to the second place of the national Chi Kung and martial arts unique skills by the leg power. In 1994,he attended the opening ceremony of the oriental healthy exposition and was given the Special Contribution Award;And was formally invited to Japan to do academic exchanges and teach Chinese kung fu. In 1995, he won the first place at Sino-Japan Chi Kung and Martial Arts Exchange Performance Congress in Dalian. In 1999, he was sent by the Chinese Martial Arts Managing Center to visit Algeria and give performances with the Chinese martial arts performance delegation group. In 2005, he came to the first place of the first national competition on martial arts inner strength.Master Guo is currently vice secretary-general of kunyu mountain cultural research association.
In April 2012, Master Guo are awarded the 24th-generation descendant of Chinese most famous Bing Jia Secret Skills Senior Internal kung fu by Jin Gang Li Gong association.(see certificate)

mantis and bagua master Qu-learn kung fu in China
Master Qu, the master of traditional Mantis boxing and Bagua Palm, started his kung fu learning at a young age. He has been doing Tai chi mantis and Yin style Bagua palm for more than twenty years allowing him to master the essence of these styles. He specializes in Taichi mantis, Yin style Bagua, sword, staff, spear, Qigong(Chi Kung). Meanwhile he learnt Chinese Traditional medicine, massage and acupuncture. He is recognized as a middle rank massage doctor.He has been teaching for over 10 years with a friendly approach to his students combining this with high moralities.
Here are some prizes he got:In 2003, he won the outstanding award of the Yantai Mantis Championship. In 2006, he competed Bagua Palm in the Traditional Martial Arts Competition, which is held in Beijing and got the outstanding award. In 2007, he is the winner of the Yantai Mantis Championship.In August of 2007&2008&2009 international traditional martial arts competition held in Yantai,he was awarded first place in two styles of Mantis fist(Zhai Yao and Luan Jie).In July and August of 2010 Yantai traditional kung fu Festival, he got first place respectively in mantis fist (Bai Yuan Tou Tao).In July and Aug of 2012 traditional shaolin martial arts competitions held by Yantai, he took a first in Mantis Chuan.(Mantis Luan Jie)


 master-Kunyu mountain Shaolin Kung fu school China

Master Xu
,traditional kung fu Forms master, he started to learn plum blossom Chuan from famous Forms Master,Wang Jian Zhong, at very young age then,he continued with his plum blossom Chuan & Chi Na study with plum blossom Chuan Master Gao Xue Wen. In 2003,He has been studying further Chen style Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands in Famous Tai Chi training place Chen Jia Village.
In June of 1995 Six-Nations traditional martial arts competitions held in Fuzhou city of Fujian province, he got first place in plum blossom Chuan and first place in Double Whip.In National Tai Chi Chuan Competitions 2009 held in Henan province, he was awarded first place in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan,and second place in Sword Forms,in the same year,he took part in National plum blossom Forms Competition help in Shangdong province,he was awarded first place in Short Weapons ,and second place in Chuan.In August of 2011 World Tai Chi competition held by Jiaozuo city of Henan province,master Xu was awarded first place in Chun Qiu broadsword and second place in Tai Chi Lao Jia Forms. He is highly skills in Plum Blossom Chuan,single sword,Chen style Tai Chi Chuan,CHUN QIU broadsword,,nine section Whip as well as Chinese traditional Forms.In July and Aug of 2012 traditional shaolin kung fu competitions held by Yantai, he got a first in Shaolin Big Sword and Tai Chi Chuan respectively.In July and Aug of 2013 international traditional shaolin kung fu Festivals held by Yantai respectively, he took a first in Plum Blossom Chuan,Shaolin Big sword and Tai Chi Chuan.


 master-Kunyu mountain Shaolin Kung fu school China
Master Shi Yan Shun is a 34th generation monk of Shaolin Temple . He started to learn kung fu in Song mountain original Shaolin temple since he was young. He is 6th band in national martial arts and 7th brand in shaolin martial arts . Master Shi Yan Shun won first place in Shaolin Forms in 2004 Shaolin martial arts Competitions.He also won first place in the 60kg open fighting categories at in 2005 Chinese kick boxing of martial arts competitions held by Henan province.He performed Shaolin secrets skills “Beating skills” successfully during shaolin martial arts Festival held in Zhengzhou in 2006.He had been a shaolin kung fu&Chinese kickboxing master since 2007,that he is awarded as excellent martial arts master& judge in Henan provinces,as well,his team participate lots competitions and got very good records.
He is good at Shaolin combat, Sanda (Chinese kick boxing), shaolin weapons,shaolin forms,Tai Zu Chang Chuan,Qi Xing Chuan,Chi kung,etc.


Chinese plum blossom boxing master
Master Gao ,sixteen disciples of Chinese plum blossom boxing master,who was born in Chinese martial arts family, from childhood,he studied Chinese kungfu with his father,a great plum blossom boxing master, an excellent martial arts.Through the study,master Gao knew the theory of Chinese kung fu very well,and master the attack and defense skills of the plum blossom boxing, that play a short fast, faster attacks. Later,he worship wrestling martial arts masters, Liu Bao Jun, to further study the skills of comprehensive Chinese martial arts.
At the age of 18, In first national martial arts competition, he took the first place of Staff skills.In 1977 years,he got the second place in sword at the national martial arts competitions.In 1990 years,he was the first place in Nine-section Whip at martial arts Festival held by Henan province.In 1998 year at national Lantern Festival competition,he got first place in Rope dart.

In July and Aug of 2013 international traditional shaolin kung fu Festivals held by Yantai respectively, he took a first in Plum Blossom Chuan and nice-section whip for twice.


learn shaolin combat in China
Master Shi Yan Ze ,Shaolin Combat master,the 34th generation warrior monk of shaolin temple China, he started to learn traditional Shaolin combat skills ,Shaolin kung fu forms and Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) since he was very young.He had lots of practical Shaolin combat skills experiences with professional theory and knowledges,as well as ,he had rich teaching experiences and characteristics regarding shaolin kungfu combat.In 2007, he came first place in in 65 KG combat in Chinese Kickboxing Competition held by Heze. In 2009,He was awarded as champion in 65 KG Combat in international Martial Arts Competition held by HaiNan province China.In 2010,he was awarded as champion boxer in Boxing Championship Competition in 65 KG combat.He is highly skill in Shaolin combat,applications and Sanda (Chinese kickboxing ) and Shaolin kung fu forms.


learn kung fu at kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy
Master Shi Yan Cheng ,34th generation Shaolin warrior monk of Shaolin Temple. He began to study Chinese kickboxing and traditional shaolin kung fu at original Shaolin Monastery at a very young age. During the study time,he got many championship on Shaolin Forms and Chinese kickboxing competitions.
In 2006,he got first at shaolin forms in the international shaolin martial arts festival held by Zhengzhou.In 2008,he took part in performing shaolin kung fu in Big ceremony of Xin Zheng Ancestor worship successfully.In 2009 Master Shi Yan Cheng got first place in 56kg combating categories at Chinese kick boxing competitions held by Dengfeng city.
He has been a shaolin kung fu master in Chinese biggest kung fu school to teach Gongfu for since 2010.
He is skilled at traditional Shaolin kung fu Chuan, Sanda (Chinese kick boxing), different kinds of shaolin weapons,(such as sword,staff,spear etc).In 2013 international traditional shaolin martial arts competitions held by Yantai respectively, he was the first place in Shaolin walking stick.


shaolin kung fu master-Shi Yan Guang
Master Shi Yan Bin,34th generation Shaolin warrior monk,he learned Chinese shaolin kung fu from very young age,then he went to Song mountain Shaolin Temple to further the study of Shaolin kung fu Forms,weapons,Chi kung,Chinese kickboxing. He is skilled at traditional Shaolin Chuan forms, shaolin weapons ,Qi Xing Chuan (Seven stars Form),Tai Zu Chang Chuan,Chuang Hu Xin Yi Men,Da Mo Sword,etc.Here are some honors he achieve: In 2008,he was invited to take part performance of biggest stage Mountain Hill Outdoor scene of in the world,the name of performance is“Zen Buddhism Shaolin , Music grand ceremony".In 2009, he attended the traditional Shaolin forms competition held in Dengfeng city and got first place for Chang Hu Xin yi Men Chuan (Shaolin fist forms) and first place in Liu He Chuan sparing. In 2010,he took part in international Shaolin martial arts competitions and awarded first place in Damo sword.In 2010 Nov,he took part in the big performance of Sixteenth the Asian Games’ opening ceremony,the kung fu show’s name is (the Sails of White Clould).In July and Aug of 2013 international traditional shaolin kung fu Festivals held by Yantai respectively, he was the first place in Shaolin sword Twice.


* All the Shaolin kung fu masters’ names are expressed in their traditional Shaolin temple form.

* The ranking system currently in use at the Shaolin Temple has 9 levels with the 9th level being the highest possible achivement in Shaolin Gong Fu, which is only awarded after a lifetime of dedication to Shaolin. If one was to study hard for 3 years he/she could attain a middle rank of around 3rd or 4th level.

* The masters’ and translators’ professional skills and personal qualities are reviewed by the academy annually so that the highest kung fu training standards and performance are maintained.

Kung fu Training Plan

The following is a rough guide for shaolin kung fu training. Each student will learn kung fu at a different rate depending on his/her initial skill level and dedication.The training plan of other Chinese martial arts ,such as wing chun ,Tai chi,Mantis,Bagua,xingyi,etc, is similar to shaolin’s training plan.

Short term study
   (1 week -3 months)Learn shaolin kung fu history and theory, basic punching and kicking with flexibilty training and an introduction to Chi kung and Tai Ji. 1-6 Shaolin fist forms, application, Chinese kick boxing with two person sparring and 1 or 2 basic weapons such as the staff, whip, sword or broadsword as well as basic Chinese conversation, Mandarin, Taoism, Buddhism, Calligraphy, acupuncture and massage. All students have the option to learn hard Chi kung which involves conditioning areas of your body for fighting such as your hands and students who study for 1-3 months and cultivate Chi kung will be able to break a house brick in two with their bare hands.
Medium term study
   (4 months - 1year)Learn shaolin kung fu history and theory, punching and kicking with flexibilty training and a more indepth study of Chi kung and Tai Ji. 6-15 Shaolin fist forms including paired practice,application and the option of learning an animal form, Qin na, Chinese kick boxing with two person sparring and more advanced weapons such as spear, double spear, two-section staff, three-section staff, double sticks, double canes (tonfa) as well as Chinese conversation Mandarin, Taoism, Buddhism, Calligraphy, acupuncture and massage. More advanced levels of hard Chi kung can be reached including breaking wooden staffs over your legs and arms with no injury and the breaking of house bricks using your elbow or knee.
Long term study

   (over1 - 2years)Learn shaolin kung fu history and theory, punching and kicking with flexibilty training and advanced Chi kung methods and Tai Ji. Over 20 Shaolin fist forms including application, advanced forms such as tiger, leopard, monkey, snake, crane, mantis, eagle and drunken boxing. Qin na, Advanced weapon paired practice and advanced weapon forms such as double broadsword, monkey staff, double hooks, drunken sword, bull whip, southern staff, southern sword and double chain whip as well as Chinese language, pressure points massage therapy and Buddhism. Advanced levels of Chi kung can be reached including using your Chi to heal illness and injury and advanced hard Chi kung such as breaking an iron bar over your head or hammering a nail into wood using the palm of your hand. Students who wish to concentrate their study on the internal martial arts and Chi kung can study Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua palm.

Of course, to what degree each student will learn depends on the student's physical and mental abilities, desire, and dedication to practice.

Besides the time off at the weekends, students are given each of the following a week’s holiday: Christmas, New Year and Chinese Lunar New Year. At this time, they can stay at the school (and train if they choose), travel or return home (two weeks’ vacation for each of the above vacations).

Students can buy different kinds of traditional martial arts books, martial clothes, and martial equipment with the help of the academy.

Note: There is not any form of financial scholarship in the academy.

Shaolin Honorary Abbot of Shaolin temple
  Precursor of Shaolin Honorary Abbot, Fang Zhuang.

Part of the rules in the academy. 

1.       Students must respect the masters, translators and each other. You should live together peacefully and friendly, not fight or cause any bad atmosphere in the school.

If a student is struggling with his or her training, you should help them, but you should not laugh at or joke about students who are having difficulty.
3.      Respect individual’s belief. No gossiping on other’s personal religion or faith.
4.       No drugs, tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol or gambling in the academy. 
5.       Before you leave the school, you have to let your master know where you are going and get his permission to leave.

The Academy fosters a peaceful and friendly training and living environment for all students and masters alike. Cultivating the value of respect is an important aspect of the Academy.

Daily Schedule

Chikung Taichi
Chikung Taichi
Chikung Taichi
Chikung Taichi
Chikung Taichi
Morning training
Morning training
Morning training
Morning training
Morning training
Morning training
Morning training
Morning training
Acupuncture massage
Morning training
Afternoon training
Afternoon training
Afternoon training
Afternoon training
Afternoon training
Chikung &Xingyi
Chikung &Xingyi
Chikung &Xingyi
Chikung &Xingyi
Acupuncture Massage
Buddhism Theory

*The schedule times may vary depending on season.

Formal kung fu training in the early morning starts from 6:00 from Monday to Friday, but you can get up at 5:30 to run a little bit breathing fresh air along the mountain road.
During the week, the students are encouraged to go to bed before 10pm in order to regain strength for the next day's kung fu training.

The academy staff working hours is from 6:00 to 20:00. Students are expected to respect these hours because it is impossible to work 24 hours a day, so we must clearly define these hours for the staff. The Internet room is open from 12:30 to 14:30 and 18:30 to 21:30 from Monday to Friday, while open on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 11:30 , from 12:30 to 18:00 and from 18:30 to 21:30. Browse Internet is $25 US cents an hour in the Internet room. Students also can have Internet access in their rooms with $25 per month . Private use of the Internet service in student’s rooms is the same as above. There is a public telephone in the academy that can be used to call your family.

Schedules for asking questions of masters and translators are as follows: Shi fu/masters: from Monday to Friday 17:00 to 18:30 (17:00 to 18:00 during winter) in the training hall and ask some questions on Shaolin kung fu at any time during normal class hours. Saturday and Sunday is free time for everyone at the academy except for the kitchen staff.

Learn acupuncture and Massage in China*
There are free optional lessons in the academy, such as Mandarin, Taoism, Buddhism, Calligraphy, acupuncture and massage. Students can get some knowledge about them. The mandarin class is from 19:00 to19:40 from Monday to Wednesday.
*For the Mandarin lesson ,after the students finished their kung fu training here, the students can take the Chinese course in Yantai university through academy to learn Chinese Mandarine if they’d like to study Chinese as major .We have the cooperation with the foreign language school of Yantai university.

Tuition and fees

  • One-time non-refundable application Fee (paid prior to attend training at the Academy): $100.
    Monthly Tuition Fee - paid when the student arrives at the Academy: $370.

    Monthly Room & Board - includes meals, lodging, hot showers, washing machine use, and also includes training equipment such as mats, pads, gloves and body protection. - paid when the student arrives at the Academy: $320. In order to motivate students to learn longer, the tuition will be $20 less each month as it goes on.
    The academy provides an all-terrain vehicle, driver, and translator as a free pick-up service from Yantai Laishan airport or Yantai train station to the academy.

  • A one-time Academy Administration Fee is paid when the student arrives at the Academy. For students who register for one month training, the administration fee is $200 and for students who register for two months or longer the administration fee is $300. Administration fees are non-refundable.  

Students who wish to stay at the academy for one year or longer will receive a discount. Payment for a year is $5380 including food. accommodation ,training and administration fee. Total cost, if paid annually (not including the online application fee ) is:
$5380 USD for the first year
$4980 for the second year
$4380 for the third year 
$3580 for the forth year
$3280 for the fifth year 

* Except for these formal payment. there is no other excessive payment.

* If you leave the academy early for some reason, you can get a refund.

* Students can decide the length of stay after trying few days and then after a decision is made payment is required. Click here to read China kung fu training experiences from old students.

*Refunds are not given to students who book for a month or less.  

 The tuition will be changed as the fluctuation of development of Chinese economy and currency changing.

If you have any questions about the academy, please contact us using the Contact form above (see top menu).

School Location in Map.

This is the map of China and it shows the location of the academy in China.

learn kung fu in China-kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu school

Telephone: 0086-535-4693197
*For more information, feel free to call the academy between Monday to Friday to talk to one of our staff.

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