China shaolin kung fu schoolThe students can learn traditional Shaolin kung fu under Shaolin masters of authentic lineage here,also includes various fist forms and weapons forms along with applications,contact sparring and Chi kung. Along with traditional Shaolin Gongfu (kung fu) ,the students also can study the internal kung fu styles, such as Tai ji (Tai Chi),Wing chun,Wudang, Xingyi, Bagua,Baji and Mantis boxing,(all the kungfu styles mentioned above have their corresponding classes here, meanwhile,the students can choose more than one style of kung fu to learn,two or three styles.)No previous shaolin kung fu training experience is required as long as you have dedication to learn and a positive attitude. However, students with experience in shaolin kung fu may be able to learn quicker. In order to ensure the teaching quality, generally, there are around 7 students per master in winter and there are no more than 15 students per master during the summer. This ensures high quality teaching on a personal level, and a close family atmosphere inside kung fu school.

We also cooperate with Tai mountain shaolin kung fu school for focus on China culture and shaolin kung fu,China Tai Mountain School combines traditional Shaolin martial arts training and mandarin study, with Confucius culture, located at the foot of scared Mount Tai (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in ancient and cultural Taian city of Shandong province, China.There are great kung fu master and Chinese teacher there,students are welcomed to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, Chinese Mandarin (Standard Chinese),Chinese culture and Confucius theory, Chinese kickboxing (Sanda), Wing Chun, Chi Kung,Tai Chi and Chinese martial arts here.

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