Baji Fist (Baji Quan)

The full name of Baji Fist is "Kaimen Baji Quan", which means the mysterious changes between Yin and Yang, which ultimately ends with eternity. It has a long history. Over the years, it has been gradually refined, and now has a distinctive style, with unique character and form. In each era, there have been some outstanding men who have mastered Baji. It has had a profound influence on the development of Chinese Martial Arts.

These are some pictures of Baji at school

This kind of fist began from the Meng village in Cang County (now the autonomous Hui clan county). In the fifth year of the Yongzheng emperor in Qing Dynasty, a great but strange man, called Lai, who was skilled in Martial Arts used to roam the village. He found Wu Zhong practicing Chinese Fist very hard. He gave 15-year-old Wu Zhong instruction and taught him martial arts. Wu Zhong asked Lai to come and stay at his home and learnt from him for three years. During this period, Lai also taught him other fists and Spears.The day before Lai left, he gave him a secret book on Martial arts. Nowadays, there are many records about Lai in Chinese history books.


Eight years passed and Wu Zhong went to the Shaolin Temple. There, he took on wooden models of people and monkeys that disguised attacking weapons. Many accomplished martial artists had been previously wounded by this challenge. But Wu Zhong entered this temple three times and to people's great surprise, he wasn't injured once. He quickly made a name for himself all over Southern China and his unusual story spread out as far as the Qing Dynasty Palace. A martial official named Aixinjueluo.Yun requested him to attend the palace. This official showed him great respect and challenged him to compete with him. They agreed that he who drew the first blood, would lose.

During the duel, the official was hardly aware that a small trace had been left in his eyebrow when Wu Zhong humbly stopped the competition. This victory helped Wu gain another great name: "Wu Divine Sword". Wu Zhong became even more famous than before.

Baji Fist focuses on actual combat. As a martial art, it is characterized by its development of strong power and force.

The basic theory includes 6 "Kai"and 8 "Hitting-Forms". 6 Kai means taking different ways of form, which are DING, BAO, TI, KUA, KAN TI and Chan. Each points to the different ways of practicing the fist forms and their application. 8 Hitting-Forms corresponds to the 8 parts of your body (head, arms, elbows, hands, hips, knees, feet and nails.), which can cooperate well with each other to produce many unpredictable moves, especially in actual combat.

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