Shaolin Yin Hand Stick (Shaolin Yin Hand staff)


Shaolin Yin hand staff (Shaolin Yin Shou Gun in Chinese)is one of the important weapon training in Chinese shaolin kung fu.The students from all over the world to study traditional Shaolin Kung Fu as well as shaolin staff.

Here are some introductions of Shaolin Yin Hand Staff.
First section
1. horse step carrying stick
2. raise knee drawing stick
3. bow step carrying stick on back
4. horse step carrying stick- right
5. horse step carrying stick- left
6. bow step pressing stick
7. jump crouch step falling stick

Second section
8.turning head toward full moon
9.left false step ward off pushing stick
10.right false step ward off pushing stick
11.snap kick carrying stick
12. advance step reverse dancing flowers/ right horizontal sweep of one thousand pounds
13. clouds over peak/ left horizontal sweep of one thousand pounds
14. turn around/ squat step dancing flowers
15. back thrust kick/ bow step warding off with stick

Third section
16. wrapping flowers/ turning head toward full moon
17. jump kneel step pressing stick
18. right-left stick around waist
19. tai mountain pressing on peak
20. immortal points the way
21. jump step piercing stick


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